If you are looking for a part time cleaning job while studying or as a full time. You will be having to face interviews with the particular company that plans to hire you.

Whether it is school cleaning Sydney or hotel or office buildings, like every other interview, you will need to be prepared and answer the questions they plan on asking. The following are some common main questions and answers they tend to ask.

  • Tell us about you
    This isn’t where you pour your heart out on your life and how far you have come. They want to know if you are eligible for this position. Therefore speak accordingly and give examples as to previous work you have done relating to it.

Likewise you will be asked the general questions as to

  • What is your strength?
  • What is your weakness?
  • Why this job?

But relating to the cleaning services Sydney, you will be asked the following questions.

  • What kind of experience do you have in the cleaning field?
    If you have been asked this questions and have no experience, try getting closer to it. Speak around the field and if you do, make sure to point out detail and year wise as to What and where you worked and what your responsibility was. Keep in mind that the clearer your answer is the better impression you create on them.
  • Have you done any knowledge improvements in the last year’s in this field?
    Employees look for those who actually look like they at willing to do the work for you. So make sure to tell them things like you’re following a course in managerial and organizational skills development. Prove that you are responsible and you manage time as well. Talk with confidence.
  • Why should we hire you?
    You can’t just go with “because I am good “, you really need to point out that you are the best for this job. This question is almost like a game ball in a match. So you need to be very careful when answering. Tell them how you will be a good company and reason out why you should be hired by highlighting achievements (especially the ones that are not mentioned before) . Make sure to keep it brief and interesting.
  • What do you know about our company?
    If you are reading this on your way to an interview I suggest you open up a new tab and start searching everything you can on your new workplace. This is a homework you need to do prior to the interview. Look into the history of the company and check out for any news, see if any of the main people in the company appeared in news recently. The more they realize that you are interested in the company to know so much about it, the bigger the positive impression you leave on them is.

I truly hope these questions will help you get you job. All you need to do is be confident and work on what you have to say. Make sure to smile at all time. Good luck!