Not many of you are familiar with the company names such as Backrub’s or like Research in motion. But almost all of you are familiar with the names such as Google, Blackberry, Sony or even pepsi. Many renowned companies that are very much successful today changed their names and sometimes even logos. Due to this very reason many of the people are not aware of their previous names. They changed their names long before they could be this much famous. This procedure of changing brand name or logo is known as the rebranding.

Now the question that comes in mind immediately that why there is need to change the brand identity, and what is the effect of rebranding. The rebranding certainly has many impacts on the success of some company. The focus of rebranding is to differentiate the company from other competing companies and to maintain the individuality of the company and communicating this individuality to the consumers. Not only this, there are other many reasons under which some company go through the phase of good re branding. Some of these reasons are the shifts in the market or the change or upgradation of technology, sometimes due to remove or hide the previous negative image, and most importantly to eliminate the relevancy or confusion between the brands having similar logo or names. No matter what reason is to rebrand your company, it is always intended to increase the production of the market and to give success to the company.

The rebranding becomes necessary when you grow your business or make expansion in it because you potentially add more products, services to your previous business and now the previous name or logo of your brand is not able to communicate these services and is not meaningful. In some other cases the brand name is not appropriate for search engine. The rebranding specialist tells that the brand name which is close to the description of services that the company is known for are more successful and more search engine friendly.

When something or some name has some negative image associated with it then it is better to change it. But changing only the brand identity does not promise the success. The rebranding specialist also recommends that in order to completely wipe out the negative image associated with the previous branding name the company must also work hard to improve its quality and must re design its methods of productions as well.