If we are to talk of health, it is not just about a healthy body but also about having a good mental health. We call someone to be healthy where both their body as well as their mind are functioning well. It’s very important to be in good health as it can affect our personal life as well as in the different roles that we play while at work, university or as care takers at home. We all know that a good meal enriched with nutrition, daily water intake, exercising could help us be physically fit but that doesn’t mean we will never fall ill. It’s that we somehow improve our immune system to be able to stay off small germs and infections.

For someone who has asthma would know that drinking cold things or eating toxic food can cause them into getting breathing problems but knowing that if someone still go ahead and do it, then it’s them being careless about it but however there can be situations where we fall sick without us leading into it at all. Such an instance would be if a rat sneaks in to your house and nibbles on your food or your immediate friend falls ill and you catch the flue, you take a road trip and the weather of the destination doesn’t work that well with your body or any situation where you are not the root cause for the illness.

In this read, I will focus on one of the instances I picked above on how important is rodent control to our domestic house. When it comes to rats, we will always talk on how much damage they could cause to our electricity circuits, wires, furniture and clothes but little that we discuss on the damage that they can cause to our body. Although we may not realize or feel how dangerous they could get in terms of our health conditions, they can cause some serious damage to our bodies.

Hantavirus is one of the most dangerous and common risk with bed bug treatment that you would face when it comes to rats. These spread around by the white footed mice and this is usually through their saliva and urine. When people inhale their urine, these toxic components could affect the lungs of the people causing them to fall sick. Bubonic plague is another health risk caused by a bite of an infected mice. This will result in a bad headache, fever and painful swellings all over the body.

Although we don’t take these animals that seriously as they look quite innocent, they could be very damaging to our health if we don’t keep them off our reach.