There is nothing worse than running out of ink when in the midst of printing a very important project or document – this is exactly why you are often advised to keep track of the ink levels of your printer’s cartridges. But in the inevitable event where you run of out ink, you will have to buy replacement cartridges; below are some useful tips for buying cartridges online:

  • Buy in bulk – the best tip when it comes to buying cartridges is to definitely buy them in bulk. You can make some very good savings if you buy cartridges in bulk – even good quality, branded cartridges such as Canon ink cartridges. Note, however, that cartridges have an expiry date to them, and most won’t last a couple of years before drying up. Accordingly, it is important to use up the cartridges quickly if you buy in bulk, which is why this tip is better recommended for heavy users or offices. Regardless, you should also know that printers work better with frequent use, so this might as well be a good incentive to use your printer more frequently if you tend to leave it unused usually.
  • Find a good dealer – moving on, there is another obvious golden tip in finding a reputed dealer to make your cartridge purchases. It is somewhat hard to find a good seller – especially when it comes to the older models of printers or plotters. This is why you are usually recommended to shop around till you find a shop that can provide you with quality goods at reasonable prices.
  • Consider remanufactured cartridges – if you usually buy cartridges, you might have either heard or read about refilling cartridges. This is basically refilling the ink of the cartridges with the use of special kits, and basically, this means that you can reuse the cartridge once again. Generally, refills are done sloppily, and you cannot expect them to perform as decently as the average cartridge you buy anew. However, you should know that there are certain factories and companies that specialize in refilling cartridges professionally, which means you can get decent quality cartridges (such as good Epson ink cartridges) at very low prices.
  • Look for ‘refundable and returns accepted’ policy – finally, this is a basic point when it comes to most online purchases, but look for sellers that have firm policies that protect you from fraud. Buying on platforms has this added advantage, because they usually cover you from any potential losses you might incur from receiving goods that are already damaged or not functioning properly. Accordingly, double-check and see whether your seller is willing to accept returns and provide refunds in case your cartridges do not work properly or are damaged in any way.

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