People at some point in their lives will require the use of a car to get to and from their destination. how can they get a car? What are the options available to them? They can either choose car hire in Victoria Park, or they may go ahead and buy a car. There are certain conditions and reasons as to why a person chooses to rent a car or to buy one.  To buy a car this decision varies from finance to preference, as such what are the pros and cons of renting and buying a car? Well, renting a car can be seen as a better option to many because they simple cannot afford to buy a car at the moment, it may be that they do not have the money for a particular car they want or they do not wish to do any loan financing plan.

 A person may choose to rent a car over buying one simply because they get to drive any car of their choice when they need it without buying it. also they are not responsible for the registration and insurance of the vehicle  they rent. Should incase anything happens on the road when a car is rented, the rental company replaces that car with another one, which takes the hassle of the person who rents the car. Also sometimes renting a car can help a person make the decision as to which car to buy, as the experiences would have given them the answers they anticipated, renting a car in most instances ensures that the person is getting a reliable motor vehicle as these rental companies ensure the cars are in good condition before renting it.

There are disadvantages of renting a car, because if the car will be needed for an extended period of time then this gets expensive for individuals. Some people believe that buying a car would be a better option because they get to own it, it belongs to them with no strings attached, the car is available to them whenever they need it and most times the only cost that is associate with it is petrol cost. Also if the owner decides to sell the car they can easily do so since the car would have been registered in their name. With buying a car there is also mileage, also if a person’s job requires them traveling extensively, it is much better for them to own and operate a reliable motor vehicle than to rent one. The drawbacks associated with buying a car over renting one also exists, firstly buying a car is a very time consuming process, as the options to choose from is unlimited, buying a car usually involves paying cash or using some sort of loans, this sometimes increases the overall price of the car by a huge percent. The car will also need to be license and registered as well as insured, which is very costly. In choosing whether to buy or rent a car each individual will have to thoroughly evaluate the situation in which they are in and which option would be a better fit.