When grow older and more responsible in your life. The amount of keys starts to increase. From your vehicle keys, house keys, desk and cupboards, office keys, etc. As it increases, it gets out of hand. Suddenly, you will not be able find your important keys and you will always carry keys that you don’t need. Here is some ways to organize your key chain.

First thing you will want to do is to divide and organize your keys. Get a few key rings to separate them in to. You will have to separate your car keys in to one ring. Each vehicle will need separate keys chains. Have all your office keys in another same goes to your house keys. If you have any other buildings in which you have keys to then put all of them separately as well. Once you have grouped your keys, make sure you’re important keys have a quality spare key. You don’t want to end up in a sticky situation and start finding a locksmith.

Or go through has trouble of switching off and messing up the alarms after all the hassle you went through with the home alarm installation Melbourne process.

Once you have managed to get that sorted. You are half way there. If you want to reduce the space taken up by the keys in your pockets you will have to get rid of the key chain and opt for something more classy and organized. You can go for alternative keychains such as, key disks: a small thin box where the keys are rolled in and out whenever you want to use them. It saves you the trouble of dangling. Swiss army knife style key chain: This is something similar to the key disk but instead of a disk like design it is in the form of the Swiss army knife where the keys can be rolled out when needed. Key ports, etc. These type of key chains help in putting all the keys neatly and they are all accessible very easily.

A famous solution used by most people to avoid the dangling and stabbing in the pocket is to use pocket clip system. It is a hook like key chain that can hold your keys and hang from either your pocket or belt. Most people use it by hanging in on the belt. It can even be clipped on your bag or wherever you want to.

Hopefully by following this, you will have less chances of losing a key or getting stranded near the door finding the right key to get inside while it is raining heavily.