You spend half of your day at your office so ever thought you need to keep it clean? If you haven’t, it’s time to think now. With so many activities happening during the day, your office is bound to be filled with germs and disease. You cannot leave the responsibility of cleaning to your cleaning service completely. You too need to take charge and fulfill your duty to make your workplace a hygienic and safe place to work. So here are some of the things you could do to ensure hygiene at your workplace.

Disinfecting work areas

Undoubtedly, bacteria and germs are everywhere. From the keyboard to the toilet seat, you cannot think of a place with no germs. It is your responsibility to ensure that your station is clean and tidy. When all workers take care of their stations, the entire office will be clean. Ensure your cleaning service uses anti-bacterial liquids to wipe doorknobs, keyboards, tables, countertops, penholders, durable plastic storage bins etc. Any surface that you touch often should be cleaned at least twice during working hours.

Office pantry etiquette

Your pantry is the place that deals with food items. Any infected food consumption would pose danger to your health. Ensure that your cups and mugs are stored safely so that no insect contact is possible. Also, your foods need to be stored in food grade plastic storage containers and not just any plastic container as they might react to food and make them toxic. The pantry should be cleaned better than the rest of the office to avoid insects and germs.

Use sanitizer

You cannot keep washing your hands every hour when at work. Having an alcohol based sanitizer with you at all times will be beneficial. The alcohol dries the liquid fast while killing the bacteria and virus. However, it needs to be noted that sanitizer will make your skin dry and rough and hence use mild amounts. Non-fragrant sanitizers have better moisture which will keep your skin smooth. Antibacterial wipes can be used as an alternative. These wipes can be used on your face too.

Do not eat at your desk

Food is the main cause to attract insects that will then bring in germs with them. Do not have any food at your desk unless you clean your table often, as the left over wrappers or food bits will attract germs. Use your pantry for any snack so that the food is limited to one area and you can pay extra attention to keep that area clean.