Some families have additional animal companions and they are often treated as members of the family. Having them around is a joy. Animals like dogs provide protection. They are faithful to their masters. Besides, taking care of them teaches kids how to handle responsibilities. Taking them for a walk gives health benefits and a sense of companionship. They help destress at an end of a busy day. They are play mates for kids. For old people who are living alone, they provide protection and companionship. Overall they provide physical and psychological benefits to their master and his family.

The challenge with these companions though, is when the families travel on vacations, they need to find a place to board them or make arrangements for them to travel with the family. At times, it becomes stressful to handle the family travel and the animal’s travel as there may be additional requirements depending on the country they are travelling to. There is a good news for people living in Hong Kong and around, as there is a professional team who are capable of handling all aspects pertaining to pet travel.

Global service coverage for Animal Travel:

Their services are not only limited to Hong Kong, as their agents are located in different countries of the world to make relative transitions smoother. They are well aware with the rules and regulations of each country for transporting animals. The countries are divided into three groups when it comes to handling of these animals and each group has a set of regulations that needs to be fulfilled. Having a passport for the animals is something that is considered very important. This document contain vaccination details, animal’s personal information, owner’s information etc. Such information is mandatory for obtaining travel permits for them. Some countries do not have a passport for the animals, instead they may maintain a record with all the relevant information, which is submitted to obtain the travel permit. Another important aspect when it comes to moving animals from one place to the other is the medical records, which includes lab test details for Rabies Neutralising Antibody titre test, which is the key requirement for their travels.

These requirements varies from country to country when it comes to most reliable pet transport and the animal handles in Hong Kong and their agents around the world are well aware of the most updated requirements for all the countries and therefore, they will undertake the task of transporting them from one place to the other providing door to door pickup and delivery services for very competitive rates.

In view of all the above, all animal companions can be rest assured that their loved ones are in safe hands and that you have the opportunity to take them along wherever you go!