Things You Should Know When Planning On A Function

So, are you planning hosting a function? Whatever the purpose for hosting the function may be, there some very important pointers that you should know. These pointers will help you, regardless whether it is a birthday party or a formal party.

Read below to find out some of the important pointers.


The first and foremost step is budgeting. You need to set up a budget plan for the function. The most vital thing is that you figure out how much you will need to allocate for the function. Once you have allocated the amount necessary, you need to write up the breakdown of each and every expense that you expect.  This budget will not only act as a guidance of how you need to be spending your money, but it will also help you in planning ahead and understanding all the tasks ahead and how much should be allocated for each task.


Next, you need to decide on what you are planning on basing the entire function. For instance, if it is a kiddies birthday party, then you can opt for a Spiderman themed party if it’s a boy or a Princess themed one for a girl. It all depends on the function and the likes and dislikes of the person. Always make sure that you go for a theme that is suitable to your guests and also the purpose of the function. Everything needs to be well coordinated. Always ensure that if its your big day, then your meeting room rental Hong Kong needs to incorporate the theme chosen into all aspects of the celebration.

 Guest list

The guest list is another very vital matter that needs to be dealt with in almost every function. You need to first list down each and every guest you intend on inviting. Do keep in mind when listing down the guests that you need not feel guilty when cutting down on the guests. It is definitely impossible to invite everyone you possibly know. Therefore it is okay to cut down on the guests as much as possible. When looking for a place to host the event, then too you will need to know the total number of people who will be attending the event. Regardless of whether it is a proper seminar venue or a party area, the place should be able to accommodate all the guests comfortably.

 Activities for the day

 You should also plan on the activities for that day. That is, you should have at least a mental note of the order you want the function to take place in. It is very vital that you have a plan of how you want function to happen as the host. Only then will the function take off smoothly and everything will function in an organized and proper manner.

Run Out Of Colours? Here’s The Guide To Ordering On The Net

There is nothing worse than running out of ink when in the midst of printing a very important project or document – this is exactly why you are often advised to keep track of the ink levels of your printer’s cartridges. But in the inevitable event where you run of out ink, you will have to buy replacement cartridges; below are some useful tips for buying cartridges online:

  • Buy in bulk – the best tip when it comes to buying cartridges is to definitely buy them in bulk. You can make some very good savings if you buy cartridges in bulk – even good quality, branded cartridges such as Canon ink cartridges. Note, however, that cartridges have an expiry date to them, and most won’t last a couple of years before drying up. Accordingly, it is important to use up the cartridges quickly if you buy in bulk, which is why this tip is better recommended for heavy users or offices. Regardless, you should also know that printers work better with frequent use, so this might as well be a good incentive to use your printer more frequently if you tend to leave it unused usually.
  • Find a good dealer – moving on, there is another obvious golden tip in finding a reputed dealer to make your cartridge purchases. It is somewhat hard to find a good seller – especially when it comes to the older models of printers or plotters. This is why you are usually recommended to shop around till you find a shop that can provide you with quality goods at reasonable prices.
  • Consider remanufactured cartridges – if you usually buy cartridges, you might have either heard or read about refilling cartridges. This is basically refilling the ink of the cartridges with the use of special kits, and basically, this means that you can reuse the cartridge once again. Generally, refills are done sloppily, and you cannot expect them to perform as decently as the average cartridge you buy anew. However, you should know that there are certain factories and companies that specialize in refilling cartridges professionally, which means you can get decent quality cartridges (such as good Epson ink cartridges) at very low prices.
  • Look for ‘refundable and returns accepted’ policy – finally, this is a basic point when it comes to most online purchases, but look for sellers that have firm policies that protect you from fraud. Buying on platforms has this added advantage, because they usually cover you from any potential losses you might incur from receiving goods that are already damaged or not functioning properly. Accordingly, double-check and see whether your seller is willing to accept returns and provide refunds in case your cartridges do not work properly or are damaged in any way.

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Running A Food Service Business

When it comes to running a business that provides food and such services you have to make sure that you have a good reputation and a good client base in order to be successful. Providing clean, healthy and tasty meals is very important. Whether you are going to be serving at an event or at a company you will have certain things to look into. Here are some places where you may be able to provide your service and what you need to know or understand.

Feeding a hungry workforce
One of the most challenging jobs would be to prepare and provide meals that are both yummy and satisfying for an entire team that is busy working in tough jobs and situations. Camp catering is something that will pay you well, but you have to make sure that you have a good team that will be able to cook up a storm and provide meals on time for the large work force. You might even have to take into to consideration on how you will pack the meals as not all staff will be able to eat from a table. Cooking in different situations can be tough. You have to take into consideration the dangers of open fires, the air that could be exposed to different elements that can contaminate the food and other major factors. Always learn about the situations and place before you dispatch a team to prepare meals.

Food for the underground workers
Another challenging area of work would be to work in a mine. For individuals who are working in such areas they can end up spending many days and months on their work site. This also means that they will need to service of mining catering companies. If you wish to be that company you need to understand the major factors that will affect your service. You have to be able to provide good meals for a huge range of individuals. You will need to take into consideration their health, work load, personal beliefs and how that may affect their meals and also provide meals that are going to be able to sustain the workers. One of the main challenges would be to provide the meals in a clean environment. With all the different work that will be going on around such an area, you have to ensure you look into safe and clean meal preparation methods. With these basics in mind you will be able to develop and grow into a professional service provider when it comes to good healthy food. Before you set off it is best to do a lot of research and even work with other such caters. This way you will be able to learn and grow before you can start your own. For more information, please log on to