How To Throw An Epic Game Of Thrones Party

In today’s culture, one of the most popular TV shows that is watched and beloved all over the world is the Game of Thrones. Although this television series is based on a highly acclaimed series of books it is the television series that garnered this much attention to this fandom. Therefore, you may have now seen Game of Thrones merchandises in every corner of the world. However, another concept that is gaining popularity is Game of Thrones themed parties. While this may sound like a dream come true to many of the readers they may now be wondering about the steps that they should take to execute this party style. Thus, in order to assist these Game of Thrones fans, the following article will provide a comprehensive guide to anyone interested in throwing a similarly themed party.


When it comes to invitations if one wishes to be truly authentic then they can utilize wax-sealed paper invitations to invite each and every guest.


The magic of this television series is all based on the attention they pay to each and every detail. Therefore when hosting this party one should strive to follow a similar principle. As it may be difficult to recreate the exact backdrop of the Game of Thrones because it takes place in various settings one can instead opt to utilize quality outdoor pull up banner to either recreate the map of all the kingdoms or another background which they can they utilize as the backdrop to the party.

Furthermore, one can also vinyl banner printing to print pictures of all the characters that have been killed so far and these posters can thereby be hung on the walls and could also be utilized as a piece of décor.

Food & Drinks

If one has the budget they can get create a faux cake depicted as a pigeon pie in order to reenact one of the most iconic moments of the series where Arya killed Walder Frey. Furthermore, to commemorate the Queen of Dragons one can serve the guests cookies that have been decorated with dragon eggs.  Furthermore, when it comes to drinks one has to definitely opt for beers that are served with Game of Thrones-themed labels. Moreover, one can also opt to create a signature cocktail for this party which can be served to all the guests when they enter the party.


In order to recreate one of the most watched television shows of the recent past make sure to follow the aforementioned guide. Furthermore, one can also gain further inspiration by perusing through Pinterest.ganda n